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Pet-Tour deals with licensed animal transport in Europe.

We offer transport of domestic animals from Poland to such countries as: France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Serbia. We have been providing transport servces since 1996, therefore we can boast of extensive experience in international transport. We have a qualified team of drivers, who are experienced in taking care of animals. As one of the few companies in the country, we also have a permit to transport animals, issued by Veterinary Inspectorate. Pet-Tour uses many years of experience and love for animals to ensure the welfare of transporting dogs and cats.

All our vehicles have the appropriate equipment to transport animals in a comfortable environment. The cars have been properly prepared and approved for transporting animals by the Veterinary Inspectorate. Members of our team privately deal with breeding, training and professional grooming of pets. For many years, together with friends and colleagues, we organize trips to international exhibitions. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of people from the industry, we have been trusted by many recognized dog and cat breeders in the country, whose pets we transport throughout Europe.


We offer transport of animals all over Europe.
Our staff and vehicles have the appropriate qualifications and permits to transport animals around Europe.
The most common directions:
Poland - Great Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland)
Poland - France
Poland - Spain



From June 2018 we offer organized trips to exhibitions in every place in Europe.




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We transport only animals